Return Address

There may come a time where the product you have purchased is faulty, doesn’t meet your expectations, or there was a simple mistake on your behalf purchasing the wrong part. Should this situation arise then you can simply return the part to our return address, but only when instructed by a member of the customer support team here at Logicfix to do so. Once the order is received at our return address and we confirm that it has been sent back for valid reasons, then the team will ensure that either a refund is processed or a replacement part/correct part is sent out.

Please note that when returning the product we advise that a note be placed along with the parcel simply noting the reason for return and any other details that will speed up the process once the team evaluates all returns. Logicfix will not cover the costs of return postage fees, however PayPal now provide a reimbursement for these scenarios under their Refunded Returns Service.


Return Address:

PO Box 367, Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189

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