An item is missing from my shipment.

Firstly ensure that all other items are as described with no damages to the packaging. Make sure to contact customer service for further assistance on the matter where a resolution can be achieved.

If your order is unfortunately missing a part or parts, then you must submit a ticket that includes the order number as well as the specific part names that were not received.

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    Dennis Chong

    Reference to Shipment # 100004010 Invoice # 100004861
    Hi, I have two concerns here, which I felt deeply dissatisfied with how you dealt with my online order.

    This morning I have received my ordered items, which I surprised with the size of shipment package as I acknowledged that I have ordered some items whose dimensions as a whole should be packaged in a much larger packaging usually used for Australia Post parcel, mainly due to one of the items is Magnetic Project Mat.I had some bad feeling about the quantity of items shipped in it, and it turns out to be true.

    My first concern is, out-of-stock items. When I was putting the items into cart on your website, there was no indication said that any item is out of stock, hence I ordered them. I also tried to include iPhone 4S battery in my cart, but it appeared to be back-order item, so I chose not to order it this time. If you guys indicate the item quantities correctly, which you did for the battery, and show that there is no stock for those ordered items, which you didn't in this case, I would have ordered from other company since I need most, if not all, of the items for an urgent repair. Another thing is you guys never contact me via email or phone call before shipping them to me to inform on the matter of some items being out of stock, neither did you follow up on me when the items that are yet to be stocked up will be sent to me, or if you offer to have partial payments be refunded to me in case I choose to re-order non-delivered items from another company. So is this kind of service that you render to people? UPDATE: I just read your T&C about the back-ordered items, and I understand when will an item be re-stock is beyond your reach. Nonetheless, the order details in my account dashboard is inaccurate whereby the number of items shipped is tally with the number of items ordered, while the invoice shipped together with the items stated otherwise, whereby 8 out of 17 items are marked (hand-circled) as out of stock.

    Speaking of my second concern, it is about the spudger shipped to me. I ordered spudger, which is indicated in your website as a plastic-made stick with kind of sharp edge, and I received one that is significantly larger and with a bulky handle and a flat edge of approximately 8cm wide, which seems more like a spudger for removing ipad's shattered digitizer screen instead of doing precision work for iphone. Please convince me you didn't simply gave me a spudger different than the sample photo of spudger shown on the 'Tools' section of your website just because of out-of-stock situation rather than giving me what I expected from buying it due to the sample photo shown, are you? I will be glad to return the spudger to you by shipping in exchange for the spudger that I expected, but I will not be responsible for the return shipping cost in this case.

    By the way, I called up your hotline 30+ times since morning today, but there were no answer. I left a voicemail, and no call back is returned from your side. I sent an email by replying to the shipment confirmation email, with reply-to address '', and you guess what? No reply either. So what are these?

    A response from you by next Monday (29 Feb 2016) is greatly appreciated, otherwise I assume that you take my requests lightly and I will have no choice but to file a dispute with Paypal, as getting a response from your customer service is a pain.

    Wee Kim Chong (Dennis)

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