I received my kit and don't think I have the right screen for my phone.

In some cases, the iPhone screen you purchased may actually be the incorrect one for your device. With similar designs it’s very easy to be mistaken by which specific screen is required. Luckily it’s very simple to check what specific model your iPhone is by locating the model number on the back of the device. Beginning with A and followed by four digits, this acts as a unique code for certain models. All you have to do is check either a webpage or contact us and you can be assured of the exact model it is you own. 

If you happened to have ordered the incorrect screen, we will gladly switch it over for you so long as the item is shipped back to our address with a note stating what it is you require.

Note**A switchover of screens can be performed, however this may be subject to additional costs dependent on the different model type. As a reminder, those screens which have been assembled cannot be returned. Once our specially placed seal has been tampered with or broken the item can no longer be replaced. For further information please check our returns policy.

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